Ollie Merch & News

Ollie’s 2017 Year of Amazing Adventures calendar is out now!
 Twelve all-new illustrations of the gang up to their usual mischief and 24 important Moonwater Meadow dates such as: Pretend To Like Bleu Cheese Day (November 16th) and Treat A Spider To Tacos Day September (12th), etc.  Available now.  (Jetpack not included.)



Click the calendar cover image below to get yours now!   ‘


The official Ollie Bug Java Mug has arrived!

What can you put in your Ollie Bug Java Mug?  Well, anything really.  You can enjoy tea or coffee or soup or even use it for flowers.  The Ollie Bug Java Mug features an original illustration of Ollie before caffeine and the fun reminder, “Have a mug with Ollie Bug” Available now!


Click the image below to get your mug from Etsy now!


We are working on the publication of Ollie’s books.  Coming soon to the digital realm is Ollie Bug and the Night of the Marshmallow Pirates in which Ollie, ready to settle down for a quiet night with movies and hot coca, is besieged by a bag of marauding marshmallow pirates.  What could they be up to?  Stay tuned here to find out.

Since we’re new to this whole website commerce thing, we’re working on how to make Ollie’s stuff easily purchasable through the site.  For the moment, drop us a line at OllieBuggie@gmail.com for more information on ordering, etc.  Thank you for having patience with Ollie and I while we learn all this new stuff…