About the author

Oh, hi there.  What can I tell you about me?  I’ve worn many hats in my lifetime.  I’ve been a Doctor of Chiropractic, an actor, a musician, a writer, an award winning photographer, painter, avid scale model builder, sculptor, carpenter, jewelry maker and active daydreamer. I’m curious about everything in this life.  I love to know how things work and why.  I love to make people smile and laugh and if I can, distract them from this unhappy, unstable world.  I’ve been known to stop and stare at flowers, interesting rust patterns on the sidewalk or gaze at the moon and the stars because, well, because it’s the moon and stars.

Ollie and I have been pals for a very long time now.  He is the little child inside me who stilbugl prefers lemonade and rainy days to just about anything else.   You may say Ollie is actually me, or my alter ego.  I’ve been told Ollie even looks like me.  Hmmm…

I’m often asked what age group Ollie’s stories are suited for. Well, they are for all ages.  They are for kids who love to dream of big adventures and they are for adults who no longer have time to get lost in another world, a gentle world of open meadows, tree houses, pizza sea monsters and daring swashbuckling pirate-astronauts.  Ollie is for everyone who loves to dream or spend a day with their friends doing nothing more than flying paper airplanes.

Nothing has made me happier than sitting in my studio drawing, painting and dreaming up new things for Ollie to do.  It is my great hope that you find something in Ollie for both you and your children to enjoy.