For Parents

Ahoy there!

Hello there!   Welcome to Moonwater Meadow and the world of Ollie Buggie.  Ollie is an five-legged little spider featured in an upcoming series of children’s picture books.  He’s a sweet little fellow with a vivid imagination and a love for adventure, inventing and building things, food, friends and daydreaming.  He’s also prone to a bit of harmless mischief that usually results in something like a tree house full of popcorn.

His stories are about friendship, fun, love and sometimes even loneliness.  He has a big personality and an even bigger heart.  He is the playmate children enjoy spending time with and he reaches the inner child in all of us, the one who remembers the days when the most important thing was sitting in a tree house and counting stars in the night sky.

On his site you’ll find some short stories, Ollie’s Adventure Journal, Ollie recipes (healthy things a little spider makes up in the kitchen with his mamma), crafts, artwork, news about his books and Ollie stuff like calendars, mugs and chances to win original art.