Canoe Down A Snowy Mountain Day


Ahoy there friends!  Yesterday we had such an adventure.  My friends and I went to the club house and pulled out this old rickety canoe and hit the slopes of Molehill Mountain!  We had a nice big snowfall a few days ago so it was pretty perfect.  The canoe was all dented and smelled a bit like broccoli (I don’t know why).  We painted it purple with green flames and brought it to the top of the mountain.  We all piled in and Ticklebit gave us a push.

Of course, we didn’t think about seat belts.  We had to send a snowmobile back up to pull him out of the snow.  He wasn’t too happy about that.  I baked him some cookies later and he was fine.  A bit sneezy but fine.  Haw!

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