Racers Complete Mount Molehill Rally (repost due to a technical error)

Ahoy friends and race fans!  This weekend was really a lot of fun.  We had our second race…and I won!  I was pretty excited.  There was a big pizza party afterward as usual. I was all sweaty from the race so Mamma made me take a bath before the party.  I ususally take baths before bed but I was kinda stinky so…

Anyway, here’s the write up in today’s Moonwater Gazette where you can read all about it.  I hope you join us here for the next race!

-Your pal, Ollie

Dragon Flies Over Competition As Spider Claims Prize
Moonwater Gazette June 17, 2017 Mid-day Edition
Tom  “I’m Gonna Have To Wash All Those Cars” Serafini, Staff Reporter

The Course At Mount Molehill

Yesterday’s race at Molehill Mountain, the second in the Rally Grand Prix Series was full of surprises.  The racers got off to a clean start without the usual crowding and collisions at Turn 1.   Rain plagued the practice and qualifying runs earlier in the weekend.  Many thought the race would have to be held indoors which would be very difficult considering the only indoor circuit is in Ollie‘s basement and is only big enough for Hot Wheels cars. 





Racing For The Cup

On the grid Artemouse sat in pole position with Gordon in position 2, Ollie in P3, Ticklebit, last week’s winner in P4, Spoon in P5, Clownley bear in P6 and his brother, who still held a grudge from last week’s wipe out into the trees bringing up the rear in P7.  Many speculated as to whether the Bear Brothers would participate in the race but they promised to play nice if hot chocolate was served in the pit stops.







Enter The Dragon (Wagon)

One of the biggest surprise thrills came at lap 10 on Turn Number 2.  Spoon and Artemouse were neck and neck when Spoon’s Koala Kart suffered a breakdown and drifted into Artemouse’s Areo Archer. Ollie was able to go around the mess but it looked like Gordon, in his Dragon Wagon was headed right into both cars.  At the last second he spread his impressive wings and took off sailing over the two tangled racers and even Ticklebit’s Bunny Buggy. 

The FIA is still checking into the legality of that maneuver but since Gordon can actually breathe fire, they are more than likely going to allow flying cars in future racers. 




Aerial shot of a flying dragon car

Gordon actually flew for two laps because he was not sure how to land the Dragon Wagon without smashing into the ground or crashing into  the mountain.  It looked pretty impressive. 










The Bear Brothers Swap Cars?

To the surprise of no one, the Bearly Brothers battled each other in the rear of the pack.  They kept knocking into each other and laughing so we aren’t really sure if they are that competitive or just having fun and don’t realize it’s actually a race.   They entered the famous Molehill Tunnel and when they emerged each was in the other’s car.  No one, including them is sure how that happened. They both just giggled and kept racing in the wrong cars. 






A Win For Team Ollie!

At the checkered flag it was Ollie Bug in the Pizza Wagon smooth sailing to first followed by Gordon who landed in front of Ticklebit who took third.  Spoon and Artemouse, having untangled their cars took 4th and 5th place.  The Bear Brothers came in 6th and 7th but since they did it in the wrong cars no one is sure how to award points or if they should bother. 






Join us next time for continued coverage and inevitable surprises for Race # in the Great Moonwater Rally Grand Prix.  Who will be the next World (Meadow) Champion? 


The Race Winners With Trophies!

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