June Is Racing Season in Moonwater Meadow

Ahoy there race fans and meadow pals!  We had our first race today and it was covered in the local paper.  I tried to get video but someone (and I won’t mention who but his name sounds exactly like Tom) left the lens cap on.  I included the article for you to read all about it!

From The Moonwater Gazette…

Greetings race fans and welcome to a new season of exiting action in the Moonwater Grand Prix Rally.

The circuit at Moonwater Reach

As we head into the first race of the season here at Moonwater Reach we have current Meadow Champion, Ticklebit and his Bunny Buggy back again to challenge the gang to keep his title.  The conditions at the track are ideal for great racing with full sunshine and just a slight breeze blowing   across the track.

We called the action from the famous Looks-like-a-whale track in Moonwater Reach.  The scenic course passes through fields of tree and flowers who, as expected ran for their lives half way through the race.



On the starting grid Ticklebit started in pole position followed by Artemouse in the Aero Archer, Gordon on the Dragon Wagon, Ollie in the Pizza Wagon, Spoon in her Koala Kart, Clownley in the Clown Around and lastly, Bearly There in his Bearly  Bear Express.

Ready to race!


The racers were off to a great start but then there was a crash in turn one involving Ollie and Gordon who took some minor damage but kept racing.  Ticklebit and Artemouse battled for first place as Ollie held off spoon for third.  At lap 4 Ticklebit took a pit stop for a set of fresh tires. Which left Artemouse in the lead with Ollie on her tail.

Trouble on the track for Gordon and Ollie

The bear Brothers, who usually spend the later part of races attacking each other started early and neither was a threat to Gordon in 4th.

Pizza Wagon Puncture!

Ollie took the lead for more than two laps but had to pit because of a tire puncture sustained in the collision with Gordon.










The Areo Archer in the Pits!

Artemouse took her lead back before coming to pits for a tire change at lap 9.









The battle for first place was between Spoon in the lead and Ticklebit who as closing in fast.  Gordon was comfortably in third and Ollie was able to easily pass the two battling Bear Brothers for fourth.  Ollie soon passed Gordon because there was smoke billowing from the cockpit.  The smoke turned out to be from Gordon who sneezed.  Such is the dilemma for fire breathing dragons.

Where there’s smoke, there’s a sneezing dragon.


On lap 12 Spoon gave up her lead for a tire change and a Eucalyptus leaf sandwich.  She came out of the pits at the rear of the pack and had trouble closing the gap.

On lap 15 the Bearly brothers collided and locked wheels.  They spun off the track and chased the  flowers away as they flew into the trees who moved aside to let the cars spin into the bushes who weren’t expecting that at all.

Flowers on the run!
The foliage was not happy.










The bushes launched a protest at the trees and the FIA is investigating though no one really knows what the penalty would be for trees moving out of the way for oncoming traffic.  The flowers, as usual have launched their own protest.

With this sudden development, Spoon took 5th behind Gordon whose car was actually smoking because he sneezed on the imitation leather cockpit causing a small fire.  This is nothing new for the dragon but visibility has been reduced to zero in front of his car allowing Spoon takes 4th.

At the checkered flag Ticklebit just edged out Artemouse who claimed second as Ollie took  third followed by Spoon and Gordon. The Bearly brothers limped across the line, Clownley in 6th and Bearly in 7th.

The twitchy rabbit takes the win!

It was an exciting first race here in Moonwater Meadow.  Join us here next week for the second race to the championship!

Winners of the Meadow Reach Race 1.

And someone needs to tell the flowers they can come back now.

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