Happy June and Racing Month!

Ahoy there, Moonwater racing fans.  June is a fun time in the meadow because we start every summer with the annual Moonwater Meadow Lawnmower Rally Grand Prix.  It’s a month of races at different locations every week and the winner is crowned this years racing champion.

There are seven different teams for the seven of us; Ticklebit, Artemouse, Spoon, Bearly There Bear, Clownly Bear, Gordon and myself. Each of us builds our own lawnmower racer and some of our other friends work as the pit crews to change tires and whatnot.

It’s a month filled with action and excitement, unless you’re a flower.  Flowers don’t like the races very much and spend the month usually running away.

I’ll post all the action with video stories, pictures and results right here on my blog.  I hope you join us.

Let’s go racing!

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