May 13th is Dress Like A Pirate, Talk Like An Astronaut Day!

Ahoy there, over. Today, May 13th is another Ollie-Day: Dress Like A Pirate, Talk Like An Astronaut Day!

Today you should be dresses in your favorite scallywag (whatever that means) pirate garb pillaging the kitchen and stuff like that.  I like to get out my big purple pirate captain hat and blue coat with my rubber sword (I’m not allowed to play with actual sharp things).  My hat has a big orange feather which I like, too.

My friends some over dressed like pirates and we search for treasure.  Mostly in the kitchen because that’s where mamma keeps the cookies.

Dressing like a pirate is fun but….you have to talk like an astronaut.
It’s easy, like this: “Uhhhhh, Houston, over. We are ahhhhh approaching a giant sea monster, over. Requesting data on what sea monster like to eat…over.  Hoping it isn’t ahhhh, little furry creatures, over.”

See?  It’s easy.  I hope you get your best pirate gear on and join us today, over.

Oh, next week is Dress Like An Astronaut, Talk Like a Pirate Day!


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