Today’s Ollieday is Make Art With Your Used Gum Day!

Join us now, art fans at the Moonwater Museum of Fine Art and Sandwiches as Le Artiste unveils his newest exhibition.

Statement from the artist:

I find working with pre-chewed gum opens my creative mind to limitless possibilities for expression.  At first, I used my own gum but found I didn’t have enough so I  now collect chewed gum from my friends, strangers, from under desks, park benches, etc.  I’m currently enjoying working in my “Bazooka Pink and Hubba Grape Period” thought I occasionally fall back to my Gator Gum Yellow days.   As you can see, I’ve been very busy.


  1. Mount Dorkmore, a celebration of great minds of the Meadow.
  2. Cool Guy Slinging Jacket Over Shoulder. Some Italian guy made the original.
  3. X: Vehicle Of Freedom In Space.
  4. Guy Who Just Pulled Something In His Back. Looks like it hurts.
  5. Le Artiste.
  6. Unhappy Armless Lady Happy Now Because I Added Arms. Thumbs up all the way.
  7. Unhappy Man Thinking He should Have Brought Toilet Paper.
  8. Enterprising Explorer.
  9. Superhero Ticklebit Who Was Unhappy Being Yellow On Mount Dorkmore.

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