Happy April, Adventure Pals! (Video link)

Hello and Happy April, Moonwater Adventure Readers!

Today’s story follows the month of April picture, seen here, from your Ollie Adventure Calendar.

The month of April and the arrival of spring mean a great many things in Moonwater Meadow.  The grass grows, the flowers bloom and the trees sprout new leaves.   It’s a time to air out the tree house and get the jelly canons ready for a summer of pirate adventures. The hangar doors of the Moonwater Rocket Club open up in preparation for a season of test launches, misfires and trips into space.

Or at least into the trees across the field.

On most spring days the sun will come say hello and help make things grow.   Of course, everyone loves the sunny days because they don’t have to wear scarves and gloves.  True, they will miss the snow forts, canoeing down snowy mountains and indoor snowball fights.  Well, that last one won’t be missed by parents so much. Yes, on most days there is the comfort of the sun and warm breezes.

And on certain days… there is rain.

You’d think the cool bristling downpours of spring would scatter everyone like marbles hitting the floor but no.

Spring rains are a peaceful time of quiet reflection sitting with friends watching puddles form and listening to rain drops pitter-pat the leaves.  It’s a time when friends huddle close under the cover of Gordon’s impressive dragon wings to sip coco and plan new adventures.  Everyone here loves the rain because it’s good for trees and flowers and frogs.

Like the sun, rain makes things grow, too.  In the Meadow, it also brings friends closer together to dream…wrapped up in little yellow rubber rain gear.

And you know what they say about April Showers.

Oh, you don’t?  Well, Dear Reader, you’ll just have to wait to find out in May…

And click the link below to see this story with music and narration!!


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