March 18th: Feed The Things Under Your Bed Day

Ahoy there!   Today, or tonight is the night in Moonwater Meadow where everyone brings snacks to bed, which is what we do every night anyway.  But tonight we share them with the creepy crawly thingys that hide out of sight to grab at your feets when you turn out the light.  Little known fact: under-bed dwellers really aren’t all that scary, they usually just want some chips or pretzels or popcorn because they like to snack in the middle of the night.  Who doesn’t, really?

We made a video of the painting with a story as told by my pal, Kimmy Lea who tells us stories in the Meadow sometimes.  This one was fun to do.  Go give it a quick watch!  It’ son my new YouTube Channel at Ollie Bug!

Click this thingy here:

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