Moonwater Wear A Cape Day!

Today… is Wear A Cape Day.  Today is the day your innermost self comes to the surface to reveal the true you.  Whether you’re a hero, a villain, a daredevil, a princess or heroic-villainous-baker of Moonwater’s famous strawberry avocado mozzarella cupcakes, there’s a cape waiting for you.


If you’re like our friends here, you can wear a cape simply because there’s nothing more dramatic than making an entrance with a flowing cape bristling about your shoulders.  Of course, it gets a little difficult having conversations when everyone has a flowing cape rustling about them.  But it is rather fun strolling up to the taco stand with your hands on your hips and ordering a basket of veggie burritos and fries while your cape is flowing about your head.

Ollie and his pals often raid the linen closet for a towel and a clip to fasten around themselves and run off into the meadow pretending the day away.  Sometimes they are all heroes or all villains which gets a little boring since everyone is on the same side.  Other times they are sea captains, colorful royalty, pirates or even astronauts. Don’t ask this biographer why astronauts wear capes because he doesn’t know.

So, dear reader and Meadow friend, what’s your favorite cape?

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