Happy March!

Welcome to the month of March.  It is said March comes in like lion and goes out like a lamb.  It’s a blustery time in the Meadow.  The wind whips through the trees and the snow blows all around.   Often, when you’re on your way to school the wind blows your sweater over your head and your hat flies off into the distance.  You later find it in the trees who are only too happy to be wearing your hat because it’s so cold.    Sometimes you find them wearing your scarf which the wind ripped off your neck the day before.

Later in the month the snow stops and the wind calms and the sun begins to shine more.  That’s when we get the first taste of the spring and everyone starts getting happy for summer weather.  The only problem is everyone is still  a little chunky from all that winter food and no one fits in their shorts.

In this particular shot which can be found on your Ollie Calendars shows Ollie making his way to the tree house/remote observatory for hot chocolate and marshmallows when he spots a new friend poke it’s little head out from the snow.  He went into the treehouse, gathered his friends, some water, the chocolate and marshmallows and went back out to the little flower to keep it company.

Some days are like that, despite the snow and the cold on your butt, you sit in the snow sipping your mug of cocoa just to spend time with a friend.

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