A is for Astronaut

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Astronaut Ollie meets a new pal

Ahoy there!  Today is April 1st, not only a day for fools like me but also the start of a month of stories that follow the alphabet.

Up here in space, our Earth looks like a peaceful blue white orb floating out there.  To Adventure Astronaut Ollie it looks like a marshmallow blueberry muffin.

Ollie’s mission was simple, gather stardust to make a special cake frosting with some left over for hot chocolate.  He launched off the pad in Moonwater Meadow and flew to the celestial heavens.  There was only one problem.  He forgot to bring the collection jars.  In the hold of the ship was a collection of wooden swords and pirate hats from the last daring pirate adventure.  Ollie Bug was in a bind.

Ollie floated in his spacesuit and watched the swords and hats float out of the hold and into space worried all his friends would be mad at him because they now had to make all this stuff again.

While he was thinking, Ollie heard a soft voice over his shoulder, “You seem to have a problem there, Little Traveler”.  It was a comet, paused to inspect the little ship and it’s captain.

“Oh, ahoy there”, said Ollie.  “I need some stardust for frosting but I forgot to bring containers”.

“Well, maybe I can help”, said the comet with a bright smile.  “I can’t get you stardust but I can give you some of my comet dust.  I can fill the hold of your ship for you and you’d have lots more.”

“Oh, that would be very nice of you and I do like comet dust hot chocolate.”

The comet paused over the open hatch of Ollie’s ship and a plume of cosmic dust filled the space to the top.  When she finished she said, “It also goes great with ice cream.”

Ollie thanked the comet as she continued on her journey.  He returned to his ship and soared home ready to share a cargo hold full of the cosmos with his friends.

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